Full details of key man Insurance Policy

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Full details of key man Insurance Policy

key man insurance policy
key man insurance policy

Meaning of key man insurance: – Life insurance policy of this type in which the company
has applied for the role of a proposer’s proposer that cover which is
In this case,
ie the insurance premium payment completes the company. 
The insurance policy under the
company’s main target, ie the main staff of life is insured. 

Explanation: – Man insurance policy buys a company life insurance
policy in the name of its main employee under which a life insurance company
itself pays the entire premium of life insurance and the company benefit from
the insurance scheme is raised. 

The company’s
core staff can be too much heavy losses on operating company of the damage is required
for this reason that the company needs to make the man insurance to avoid
negative impact on operations in several Janeee people staff 

after the death
of appointing a new employee to receive money from the company insurance or
save business and other Rann 
To apply Ition
to conduct business to be properly, have to come to work. 

Key Man Who
Insurance: – usually the man the company’s owner, founder or key employees
could also be there no matter the business, big or small it is also the name of
the main persons of any small business can because that company is the founder
of the main staff or maybe none of them owns the company needed major
individual company 
Absence company
may harm the bulk should be the same reason the company of Man Insurance required. 

& Benefits of key man insurance: – 

1. When
any are made keeping in mind the safety of Man Insurance Company by the Company
as if the man’s death, the company’s insurance money becomes the untimely that
is to compensate for the loss. 

2. The
amount of insurance Step One achieves more packages can be up to a maximum of
10 times.  

3. Man
insurance sum insured in the policy could be 3 times the average gross profit
for the past 3 years, it may be equal to 5 per cent of net profit for the past
3 years.  

4. Man
insurance pay the full premium of the insurance policy is made by the insurance

5. Buy
Step One insurance company that the insurance premium is spending money to fill
it shows her spending the business he and the proceeds of the insurance when
the untimely death of the mind is taxable as business income .  

in Key Man policy conditions: –
 1. In any company to pay for the policy as
a business under being purchased this man policy for its employees that Section
37 of the Income Tax Act (1) by Premium it can be cut.

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